What Are The Different Types of Smokers

What Are The Different Types of Smokers

As you take into account moving into this interest, it’s miles helpful to take into account some distinctive types of smokers. I use an electric smoker , but I don’t do not forget it the ‘proper’ answer.

I decide on it for my reasons (that you’ll examine), however, at the cease of the day, you need to pick the type of smoker you’ll revel in using the most.

Here is a popular overview of a number of the types of smokers accessible, as well as what you can expect to get out of each rate tier.

First of all, each unmarried kind of smoker can yield awesome results. There is simply no way around that truth. Because of that, propane people who smoke may be a notable alternative. Quite glaringly they run off a propane tank just like a gas grill will. I’ve been very thrilled with the results I’ve gotten from my propane smokers.

Here is some mind:

Like an electrically powered smoker, propane heating is quite much set the temp and walk away. There aren’t lots of fluctuations in the heating process, so propane is just as smooth to use.

You can run out of gasoline. If you’ve ever used a gas grill, what this is all approximately. You start cooking simplest to run out earlier than the meal is finished. Because smoking can take so long, it’s really worth checking your fuel degree earlier than each smoke. If you operate a gasoline grill frequently sufficient, a gasoline smoker will be no trouble at all.

Running out of fuel isn’t a massive trouble, but one to hold in thoughts. A simple restore could be to pick up a propane meter like this. I have one on my grill and it’s miles extremely helpful.

One amazing function that a propane smoker gives is the ability for use anywhere. If you want to go camping, a propane smoker might be a notable addition to the camp website. Many propane devices can arise to higher temps than most people who smoke might need (a few even touts upwards of 450º). This makes the unit very bendy as an oven as nicely.

Electric smoking, just like propane smoking, is often taken into consideration ‘cheating’ through meat smoking purists. But again, the consequences communicate for themselves.

A few factors about electric:

Easy to preserve a constant temperature (much like propane). This isn’t the case on the very cheap devices, however, there are numerous starter devices which are well insulated to allow you the power to smoke in diverse varieties of weather.

Pellet smokers have had my attention currently, and appear to be creating a surge within the smoking global. Here are some motives why, in addition to some downsides:

Easy to hold a consistent temperature. Pellet people who smoke use an auger gadget to feed compressed wood pellets into a bit range of kind. This mechanism is managed with the aid of a thermostat which informs the auger device whilst to drop extra pellets in. This puts it approximately despite electric and propane in phrases of ease of use.


Starting a fire can be a pain. Lighting briquettes can be a hassle, and simply takes time. This will upload about 30-45 mins to the start of the manner.

Maintaining a hearth may be a hassle. When you grill with charcoal, you are talking about an extraordinarily brief time period with meals being cooked. With smoking, you want to hold a low, gradual, and regular warmth for the entire time of the smoke.

This can be pretty cumbersome in case you are smoking a cut of meat for 15 hours. There are times in which the temperature gets too warm while you’re warming matters up, and it could be a bear to get it back off. It is pretty viable to master the artwork, however, it is able to be a steep learning curve.


So, what’s the right answer? There isn’t one! Like I said in the intro, each of those techniques of meat smoking can produce extremely good food that your friends and circle of relatives will rave approximately.

Consider what you need out of this interest. Are you searching out the traditional BBQ event where you spend plenty of the day outdoor tending to the meals? If so, charcoal might be proper for you.

Are you seeking out an easy answer that you may let cook dinner overnight? If so, propane or electric are outstanding options. Are you seeking to ultimately dabble in competitions? If so, charcoal is the best alternative for you.

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