Celebrate Kitty Party Near Taj Mahal

Kitty party is a popular way for Indian women to socialize and is a cultural event
centric to Indian subcontinent. It is usually a monthly event in which all the
ladies of the group meet and indulge in snacks, chit-chatting, games like
housie and other fun activities. But these kitties are more than just a social
gathering. It is also an informal way of doing savings. The process is quite
simple. Every woman who is a part of kitty contributes an equal sum to the
central pool of money.  A name is taken
out through a chit system and the one whose name comes, gets the total amount.
That name is then removed from the chit pool. Thus, every woman gets a periodic
big sum of money.

Earlier kitty parties used to happen at the house of the hosting lady, but with a good
variety of available options, now the ladies choose to conduct their party at a
restaurant. A few of the higher income group circle ladies organize small trips
to nearby cities to add a lot more zing and excitement to their monthly
gatherings. With our property being one of the best restaurants in Agra, it has picked up a huge liking
amongst  ladies as a kitty party venue;
in addition to being like as one of best places to eat near Taj
by foreigners and domestic audience alike.

Why we are an ideal venue for your next Kitty Party? Read below to find out:

1. Near Taj Mahal:

The beautiful restaurant of ours is in such close proximity to Taj Mahal that the
most famous place to visit in Agra
is visible from few of the windows in indoor seating and also provides the
panoramic view of the beautiful monument from the rooftop.

2. Ambience for Every Mood:

The property has been designed and created keeping something in mind for everyone. It
has a casual dining section with a young and energetic vibe to it due to its rich
vibrancy and beautiful wooden false ceiling designed in quirky patterns. There
is also a fine dining section for the ones who want to experience a luxurious
dining experience. This is a favourite amongst couples who look for a romantic
dining setup. The crown jewel is the open terrace ambience which is splendid to
look at. Designed by drawing inspiration from Mykonos, Greece, the terrace
makes one feel as if they have stepped in Santorini. The white exteriors along
with tinge of blue and patterned floor make it a surreal experience and one of
the most beautiful hangout places in Agra.

3. Great Food & Drinks:

What’s a restaurant without good food and beverages? To be in sync with the variety of
aesthetic vibes which we have created, we offer multiple cuisines of food for
our customers. The cuisines which we offer are: Chinese, American, Continental
and North Indian. We have gone to great lengths to select the dishes on the
menu which comprise of snacks, starters, main course, desserts and what not. The
variety of our menu and the quality of our food is so amazing that it makes the
customers tempt to try out multiple of the mouth-watering dishes.

We have great variety of drinks to complement the variety of food. The assorted
variety of drinks includes both domestic and international brands of various
types of alcohols like whiskey, beer, vodka, gin, etc. and an even more diverse
and innovative variety of cocktails which we keep on coming up with as per the
new trends, which makes us one of the most amazing bars in Agra. For the ones who don’t drink, there is a good variety of mocktails too.

4. Amazing Music and Live Performances: Nothing adds to the charm of a party than
the vibe created by good music. The music which we play instantly adds to your
mood and makes you get in the groove. We host frequent live performances with
various bands and musicians to provide you with a huge variety of music options
s per your liking.

celebrating your next kitty party at The Salt Café, Agra will be a memorable
experience to remember which will create some amazing memories between you and
your ladies. And due to providing such experience for our customers, we have
become one of the famous restaurants in Agra in a very short time.