What it takes to
be the Best Restaurant in Agra near Taj Mahal

Agra-a small city near the heart of India and in very close proximity to the nation’s capital city of Delhi, is one of the hubs for tourists from around the country and the world. The reason why this city gains so much interest and tourist influx is due to the presence of one of seven wonders of modern world, the world famous monument of love-Taj Mahal. The monument was made by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan for his wife-Mumtaz Mahal as a mausoleum when she died giving birth to one of their child. The beauty of this story and an unparalleled beauty of this grand white marble monument draws attention and awe from tourists all over the world.

Now a city which sees such inflow of tourists who have a penchant for beauty needs to have world-class restaurant to add immensely to the travel experience of the people who come with expectations to this city. There are many fine dine restaurant near Taj Mahal but we wanted to bring the best bar and restaurant in Agra.

We firstly observed and researched to note that which key parameters make a restaurant visit memorable for its customers. The criteria which we observed which made all the difference were as follows:

a.) Ambience: This is undoubtedly one of the first things which any person looks at and experiences when they enter a place. It surely sets the mood and the vibe makes a person feels some set of emotions. We believe, every small detail like lighting and the lights, cutlery, décor, walls, designs, water bodies, etc. create a beautifully painted canvas which makes any place look like a piece of art.

b.) Staff & Service: The single most important thing which either makes a good experience great or ruins an otherwise good experience is how the staff treats and serves you. A well trained staff which is not only polite but also understands your needs, can suggest you dishes if you ask and can make you feel special by the way they interact with you becomes very important.

c.) Food: Well, isn’t that the reason why we choose to go to a restaurant in the first place? Amidst so many fancy places which may have incredible ambience and over-priced dishes, only a few become eligible to be counted amongst the best eating places in Agra. Because not many restaurants focus on the single most important thing of their brand image-the quality of food they serve. Some places love experimenting and bring out new dishes regularly, some keep a legacy of serving their signature dishes but quality of the dishes in terms of their taste, their presentation and how customers like it become an extremely important thing for any good restaurant to keep in mind.

d.) Customer Reviews: The word of the customer is not only supreme but also conveys the experience as they perceive it. The good part about customer reviews is that it gives you multiple opinions to form a perception which will help you make up your mind whether you wish to visit the property of not, and if you do, what can be expected.

Thus, we incorporated all these details in our planning for The Salt Café and hence, this beautiful property for conceptualized and came into existence. We created a property to bring all sorts of experiences into picture; some for couples who like casual and fun places, some for the ones who like luxurious places, some who like good live music and events in a restaurant, etc.

The interiors have been artistically designed and fabricated to inspire awe and a happy feeling as soon as someone enters the property. Even the rooftop has been carefully designed to make people feel as if they have entered Santorini in Greece. The ideas is to create a lasting impression on the minds and in the hearts of people.

We are one of the few restaurants with live music in Agra and we make sure that live performances from different genre of artists keep on happening at a very regular frequency of 2-3 times per week, at least, so that people love the richness of live music and it adds to their overall dining experience.

The chefs have been carefully selected and so have been the cuisines and the food items in that cuisine. We offer Continental, American, Chinese and North Indian cuisines and each dish has been a part of strict taste-setting and quality checking exercise so that our guests find the food nothing but delicious. With the same intent of giving our customers a great experience, our bar menu does not only have a huge variety of different types of domestic and international brands of spirits, but also has a huge and interesting variety of both cocktails and mocktails.

No wonder that amongst all the restaurants in Agra near Taj Mahal, we have risen to be one of the best places to eat near Taj Mahal in a very short span of time; and we continue to strive to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.